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Dead on arrival procedure

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Dead on arrival procedure

Experiencing problems with your Newland device straight out of the box?

We are sorry to hear that your Newland device is defective upon arrival of your order. Our EMEA Sales team is here to help assess your product status.

Preliminary criteria

  • The device needs to be returned in its original packaging
  • The packaging cannot be ripped, torn or damaged in any way
  • All provided manuals (i.e. user guides, quick start manuals) need to be included in the return package
  • All cables and protective materials need to be included in the box
  • The product or package should not contain any additional labels or stickers, aside from the original Newland labels.
  • The DOA request must be submitted via email within 4 weeks after receiving your order.

Incoming DOA request must meet all preliminary requirements in order to be submitted under our Dead on Arrival policy.

DOA procedure

  1. Check if all preliminary criteria are matched.
    Unable to tick one or more criteria? Please submit the defective product in our RMA procedure
  2. When all preliminary criteria are met, please file your DOA request via email below.
  3. Once received, our Sales department will send a confirmation of email receipt within two business days.
  4. Sales will ensure that a new product(s) order is sent to the customer. The new product will be invoiced.
  5. Meanwhile, our Technical Department determines if the products meets all Dead on Arrival criteria.
  6. When accepted, a credit note is sent to the customer to rebut the new order invoice.
  7. If the DOA request is denied, our sales team will be in contact via email.

Submit your DOA request

Start your DOA procedure by contacting our Sales team via email. Don’t forget to include your order number and product serial number of the faulty products in your email request. We will be in touch within two business days.