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Return of Materials Authorization

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Return of Materials Authorization

So you’re experiencing a problem with your device?

We are here to help with your Return Materials Authorization (RMA) request within the EMEA region.
Here you can start the online RMA process below to get defective devices back for repair, easy and fast.

Our RMA Procedure

  • Fill out the RMA form below
  • Once submitted, our RMA department will send you a response within 2 business days.
    They will determine whether the product will be able to be fixed remotely or shipped to us for further inspection.
  • If the product needs to be shipped, you will receive an RMA form with a number relating to your case and the Newland EMEA shipping address.
  • Print the form and make sure that it is included in your shipment.
  • We will fix the product and will ship it back to you within 10 business days.
  • Your product has arrived at your doorstep!
  • Products

  • Select the product from the dropdown menu. If you are unable to locate your product in the dropdown menu, type it in at the top of the menu and press enter. Please pay attention and enter all the necessary information. More products can be added by clicking the + button.
    Serial NO. Product Fault Description Special Instruction Actions